Touchless Vehicle Inspection Platform

Vehicle status capturing

Any customer can capture a 360° photo shots of a car using our guidance system on a smartphone

Data Processing

Within a few seconds, we process data and identify risky areas of the vehicle status

Decision Making Control

Within a few minutes we respond back with an inspection report, vehicle status, location, time, damage severity, loss value.

Accident claim app


Media capturing, timestamping & geotagging

The app enables to access and get the best resolution of the smartphone camera to capture the accident with the best resolution. The images are geotagged and timestamped so they could be identified by the accurate time and place of the vehicle position and not be forged in case of fraud activities.

Touchless and Virtual Claims Technology - eaccidento
truck accident image detection

Image recognition and damage severity labeling

Deep vision machine learning algorithms allows automatically detect car brand and identify the damage and its severity is the new way of automating the tedious and specialist required work. We have integrated top of the industry suppliers that specialize in the area so you could get the best services with one button click.

Loss evaluation

Get instant loss estimations of the vehicle status reported. We have integrated our platform to top loss evaluation service providers so you don’t need to experience the extensive tech integration on your end. With direct API connectivity we ensure the best response timings so you could focus on the work that matters.

Eaccidento dashboard

Admin Control

Administrators control panel (backoffice) allows to access and review reports:

Integration to CRM/ERP systems

We provide APIs for direct integration to your digital ecosystem of communication with your users.

Data captured from the solution can be directly integrated to any CRM or ERP solution for direct access for your agents for further information processing.

Talk with our experts on your needs and we would adjust the platform so you could gain the maximum value for your customers.